Paul Boex by Kim de Lange

Paul Boex got acquainted with the sound of techno at the young age of 15 years old. From that moment onward he continuously kept on discovering new music and at the same time went through an important process of evolution. Nowadays the only thing he cares about is music, in every single sense of the word.

Armed with a completely open mind, Paul incorporates multiple different influences in both his music and DJ-sets. His clear preference goes out to purely dynamic loop techno, heavily influenced by the contemporary Birmingham, Detroit and Berlin sounds and inspired by some of his favorite producers; Jeff Mills, Robert Hood, James Ruskin, Surgeon, Oscar Mulero, Planetary Assault Systems, Function, Dettman&Klock, Shed, Autechre and Donnacha Costello to name just a few. In his DJ-sets he always aims to push himself to the limit of his own abilities and whenever possible tries to find new, yet unchallenged, boundaries. Paul is initiator and resident of a number of pure techno-only events in the Netherlands, including Mental Evolution, Soulfood and Transmission.

In 2006 Paul Boex met Marco Rane and they decided to start a project that would allow them to combine their forces and mutual skills in order to shape a very diverse sound; one that relies on uplifting percussion, pounding basslines and floating synths. Under the “Dynamo” alias a collaboration was formed which grants both Paul and Marco artistic freedom that knows no bounds.
They’ve developed a unique sound, full of power and stemming from sources of high energy, hence explaining the “Dynamo” name. The duo currently continue to develop themselves even further, and with releases on respected labels such as Arms, Aftertaste Recordings, Naked Lunch and ofcourse on Paul’s own Dynamic Reflection imprint, it’s likely their success will only keep on growing!

Dynamic Reflection
The year 2008 marks the birth of Paul’s own label, Dynamic Reflection, with which he aims to show what he envisions to be the pure meaning of techno. The label has managed to gain a lot of respect within a relatively short amount of time from artists such as Dave Clarke, Ben Sims, Surgeon, Oscar Mulero, Luke Slater and The Advent.

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Paul Boex vs Joton [4 decks and 2 mixers + FX]
Paul Boex and Joton met each other in 2007 through Myspace. They quickly began to share their vision on and passion for music and events, out of which a special bond between the two formed.
Through the sharing of thoughts on the developing contemporary music industry they became really good friends and eventually began to work together both inside the studio, by producing new music, and outside by promoting events.

Since both Paul and Joton aim to further develop their skills with each DJ-set they play, a decision was made to start a new project where Paul and Joton play on four decks, using two mixers and separate FX. The first gig in this new setting was a closing set at the 3rd anniversary edition of Mental Evolution at Club Poema, one of the finest underground techno clubs the Netherlands has to offer.
Seeing how the crowd went wild and the chemistry between the two seemed to come naturally, they decided to turn it into an exclusive project. Their second gig was at the infamous “TechnoFlash” party where they played in between Oscar Mulero and Ben Sims, which again resulted in total dancefloor mayhem.

Paul and Joton put their outstanding DJ-skills to the test whenever they play together and strive to take the listener on a trip where different styles are merged into one single, thriving, story. Going from deep to stimulating, from funky to pounding broken beats and from sinister soundscapes to intense dubs, no grounds will be left undiscovered in this highly energetic battle setup.

Both men are proud label owners as well; Paul the man behind Dynamic Reflection, Joton running his “New Rhytmic” label.